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​DWI/DUI and Other Serious Traffic Offenses

Serious Motor Vehicle violations carry the prospect of criminal sanctions, which may include jail time, fines, and a period of probation with stringent conditions, which means you need an experienced Criminal Law attorney.

A comprehensive interview with you and a review of the charging documents and facts will be conducted. There may be technical defenses related to the charges. Your Constitutional Rights are key. For instance, was the stop of your vehicle legal? Were any searches of your person or your vehicle legal? Was any scientific testing used done properly to allow it to be admitted as evidence against you? Are there any circumstances or conditions, such as physical, neurological or mental factors which may mitigate or defeat the charges against you?

Proceedings against you by the MVA are a separate and distinct action from the charges in Court. Driving is a privilege, not a right, and therefore you do not have the same constitutional rights as in a criminal matter. Although MVA sanctions do not include incarceration, the outcome of these Administrative Actions will have a significant impact on your ability to drive in Maryland. In these matters time is of the essence as you may lose opportunities to contest proposed sanctions if certain requests are not made within a very short time after the incident.

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